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LAUNCH for success™  youth leadership and peer mediator programs are geared for students that are working toward a positive change in their personal lives, school and community. 

Attributes of peaceful and diplomatic leadership roles are explored in a variety of discussions and exercises ranging from diversity issues and healthy decision making skills to bullying, biases, perceptions and how we act towards others.  The programs are designed to bring a greater awareness of self so they are better prepared to help others.  Creating and sustaining true diplomatic leadership lies in the ability to look within, to role model by positive example and to empower others without judgments and perceptions. 

Each leadership presentation is individually tailored to accommodate any grade level  and/or specific school situation, with a program length of an hour and a half to full day sessions.  They include conference keynotes, workshops, assemblies and focus groups.


           No Bullies Allowed , LAUNCH for Success ™ youth       leadership program, Diversity Awareness, Peer Leader/Mediator,       Peaceful Activist, Perception & Acceptance, Healthy Decision Making, Anti-drug and Anti-violence.

Each program is individually tailored to accommodate any grade level and/or specific  school situation, with a program length of an hour and a half to full day sessions. 

In order for your school to receive the greatest benefit from this program, it is suggested that the school guidance counselor, psychologist and/or social worker, student peer mediators and their mentors be in attendance for this event.       

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"The way through our perceptions and judgments of others is by acknowledging, honoring and then letting go of the past. 

One way to a healthy future is by exploring why we judge others and what we do with it. 

Once we have a clear understanding of our own  issues, we are better prepared to help others"                                   
John Boiano



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